Welcome to My Truck Assistant™

The premiere financial performance software designed specifically for owner-operators and small fleet owners to manage and grow your trucking company.

My Truck Assistant™️ is a premier financial management system for independent truckers and small-fleet owners that helps them make the most of their business. We use our expertise in analytics, research & data analysis to provide you with tools like: - A competitive cost report allowing managers to see their cost of operation. This feedback provides valuable insight into what needs improvement so you can work towards achieving success within your business.


Main Features of MyTruckAssistant™️


With the dashboard, you can see your company's overall financial performance with real-time numbers and charts broken down by Quarters & Monthly Summary. The best part is that it will identify which trucks generate the most revenue for your company.

Weekly Summary

Go even deeper by analyzing your weekly performance with the ability to include weekly notes and actions taken to resolve any issues.

Cost Of Operation

The cost of operation is a crucial component that every trucking company needs to be aware. It can have an important impact on how profitable your business becomes, so it deserves some attention from you! The built-in feature we've included with this app makes understanding these costs easy and straightforward - no more guessing or worrying about what they may be.

Business Forecast

The goal of a financial forecast is to help your company achieve its goals by creating realistic timelines and projections. With the Business Forecast feature, you can create financial goals and monitor progress. If necessary for optimization purposes or if there are any changes in your fleet’s performance this tool will assist in making the necessary adjustments.

Negotiation Tool

The tool is a built-in calculator that allows you to bid or quote lanes effectively. It automatically calculates your factoring cost and provides you with the rate and the rpm after factoring.

Invoice Tracking

This is a must have option that will maximize load planning. With this feature, you can track each load and get superior information such as how much revenue (before & after factoring) was generated from each particular haul. It also reveals which lanes were traveled most often in color-coded regions with space for inputting customer data! This feature provides a ton of insight into your load planning which helps you to maximize efficiency and optimize results.

This sophisticated software was developed to help smaller trucking companies plan and grow into a mega company.

We are so confident that you will love our software You can now get started with our world class software today with a 30-day free trial. It’s game changing and allowing companies just like yours to level up in trucking by increasing the effectiveness of your decision making through analyzing information leaving your team with a clear understanding of the next move.